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Selling Your Portland Home? You Need an Oregon Home Inspection First!

 You’ve made the decision to sell your Portland home, but have you thought to have an inspection done first? Most homeowners don’t think about doing this before they sell their home, but it can be beneficial to order a home inspection. Portland, Oregon homebuyers and realtors will order another home inspection before closing can take place, but it’s wise to have an inspection done first to prevent unexpected surprises.

 When homeowners don’t have a Portland, Oregon home inspection done before putting their property on the market, it can cost them valuable time and money later. This is due to the above mentioned “unexpected surprises” that will be discovered in the inspection before closing. Unless a home owner is paying cash and doesn’t need financing, the financing bank will require a home inspection. Portland, OR homebuyers will not want to buy a property that has major flaws found during this inspection.

 This is why it’s to your advantage to go ahead and order a home inspection. Oregon home inspectors do these inspections regularly, and save a lot of trouble for home sellers in the process. When you choose to have a home inspection done before you list your home on the market, you will receive the following benefits:

 ·         Discover Problems that Need Addressed: If you want to know what problems are within your home that may hinder it from selling, you need to have a home inspection. Portland inspectors, such as Dad’s Home Inspections, will inspect the home and show you any problem areas that need to be addressed before you can sell your house quickly.

 ·         Save Time and Money: When you have a home inspection done before listing your home, you will essentially save time and money later. First, you will save time because you will have already taken the time to fix any problems that were discovered by your inspector before you list it on the market. Secondly, you will save money later because you won’t have to make these repairs later before closing can happen – you’ve already made them, which makes closing an even faster process!

              ·         Increase Home Value: By making necessary repairs before selling your                         home, you will most likely increase the home’s value, which means you can                       actually sell it for more!


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