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Computerized Property Inspection Report

One of the most important aspects of any Portland, Oregon home inspection is the report you receive from the inspector. After all, what good is a home inspection if you don’t receive some type of summary to explain the results of the home inspection? Portland residents that need to determine whether a property is a sound investment need to be able to understand what was found during the home inspection. This is exactly why I will provide you with a computerized property inspection report at the conclusion of the home inspection. My computerized report is easy to read so you can quickly determine the problems with the property, if any exist. The benefits associated with this computerized report include:

Oregon Home Inspection Computerized Report Guaranteed Within 24 Hours!

Not only do you need to find an inspector who can get your home inspection done fast, but you need the final results quickly of the home inspection. Portland, OR homeowners, potential home buyers and realtors all depend on the results of any home inspection to come in fast. A fast home inspection report will help all parties determine a property’s value and whether it is a good investment. This is important because the home may have serious problems that will need to be repaired before the sale of the home can happen. The quicker the report is in, the faster these repairs can happen and the sale of the house be completed. I guarantee your computerized report to be in within 24 hours of the home inspection.

Colorized Printout and Pictures of Safety Issues within the Report

Easily being able to understand the results of your home inspection report is also very important. If you can’t understand the results and the information contained within the report, then what good was the home inspection? Portland, Oregon realtors and homeowners depend on the information within the report. This is why my reports are colorized and contain pictures regarding any safety issues found on the property. My reports are easy-to-read and understand.

I will E-mail the Report to You and Your Realtor

To save time and for your convenience, I will email the report to you and your realtor so you can quickly see the results of the home inspection. Oregon inspections are important and you need the results as quick as possible.

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