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Home Inspection Company serving Greater Portland area including Washington County, Gresham and Clackamas County. DAD's Home Inspections, llc is a Licensed Insured Home Inspection Company also does Radon and Lead Paint Testing.

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What’s In a Portland, Oregon Home Inspection?

While many people think that home inspections are for detecting obvious issues with a house such as a bad roof, wall defects, flooring issues, and more, these are not the only things an inspector looks for during a home inspection. Portland, Oregon home inspectors are trained to look at those things, but also other important details that can save you a lot of time and money if detected early.

The things that I look for when I inspect a home include more than the cosmetic issues many homeowners are concerned with during a home inspection. Oregon requires that home inspectors look for major problems such as those found in the home’s structure, electrical condition and mechanics. These three categories are where homeowners can lose a lot of their money if a problem goes undetected, which is why it’s important to have an Oregon home inspection done on any property you are considering to buy.

While you need to find a qualified home inspection company to conduct your home inspection, Portland Oregon home inspectors may not be able detect every flaw of the property. The home inspection process is simply a way for prospective homeowners and realtors to determine the severity of any detected problems. In addition to helping prospective buyers determine whether the home is a good investment, the inspection also helps interested parties determine the property’s true value.

When you choose Dad’s Home Inspections, LLC you are choosing an expert in the field. I can guarantee that you will be happy with the completed home inspection. Portland is the largest area I service, but I also service other areas including Happy Valley, Clackamas, Portland, Gresham and Washington County. 

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