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Commercial Property Inspections

 While Dad’s Home Inspections, LLC primarily focuses on Portland, Oregon Home Inspection, we also do a lot of commercial property inspections too. If you’ve ever bought a home then you know the importance of having a home inspection. Portand, OR commercial property is no different – you must have an inspection done before you purchase it.

 If you neglect to have an Oregon home inspection done when you purchase you could lose a lot of money, right? Well, this is also true when you purchase commercial property. It’s just that with commercial property, the margin of monetary loss is much more substantial than it is when you purchase a home and have a home inspection. Portland, Oregon realtors, builders and inspectors are all aware of how important commercial property inspections are for the potential buyer.

 The first reason you need to have an inspection performed on the commercial property you are considering to purchase is the same reason for performing a home inspection. Portland real estate, both residential and commercial, isn’t without flaws. A property inspection will give you a good overview of the property in regards to whether it’s a good investment. The last thing you want to do is purchase an office building for your new business, get moved in and two months later have to pay a fortune because you have discovered the foundation isn’t going to hold up. A commercial property inspection can save you a lot of frustration and money.

 Another reason for having a commercial property inspection is, again, the same as that for having a home inspection. Oregon business owners don’t just want to know what all is wrong with a potential commercial investment property, but they want to know if the asking price is fair. This is true for home buyers too. If the inspection comes back to show a lot of expensive problems, the property value may not be worth as much as what the seller is asking. Commercial property inspections will help you determine the property’s real value.

 When you hire Dad’s Home Inspections,LLC to perform a commercial property inspection, you’ll receive the following benefits:


·         A Quickly Scheduled Inspection

·         Computerized Report

·         Fast Results

·         Peace of Mind


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