Your Builder’s One Year Warranty Is Almost Up – It’s Time for another Oregon Home Inspection!

 If you have purchased a home from an Oregon home builder, or you had your house custom built, then you are familiar with the builder one year warranty. Basically, this warranty is designed to guarantee nothing will go majorly wrong with your house for one year after it was built, at least nothing that is the builder’s fault. If something does go wrong, the builder will fix the problem. Now, you most likely had a home inspection done before you bought the home, but now that you’ve lived there for almost a year, it’s time to get one last home inspection. Portland, Oregon home builders are aware of the fact that many times a problem arises with the home before the first year is up, but a lot of homeowners don’t realize there’s a problem until after the first year mark has passed.

 If this happens, the home builder is not responsible for the repairs, which is why you need another Portland, Oregon home inspection before the first year is up. Don’t take the chance that everything is okay with your new house because you haven’t noticed anything wrong. Get a home inspection. Portland home builders will not suggest this to you, at least most won’t, because it’s your responsibility to remember to get the home inspection done. It’s the only way you will be able to detect any “hidden” issues within the home and be able to make the home builder fix those problems.

 Therefore, if you’ve lived in your newly constructed home for approximately 9 months (but less than a year), it’s time for another home inspection. Portland, OR home inspectors such as Dad’s Home Inspections can save you a lot of frustration and money when you opt to have a home inspection done before your one year builder’s warranty is up. When you hire me, you’ll receive the following benefits:

 ·         Warranty Issues:  Obviously, discovering warranty issues is the biggest benefit to a one year home inspection. Oregon residents have found this last inspection to be very beneficial! 

·         Getting Issues Taken Care of: Once any warranty issues have been detected, you can get the builder out to fix them immediately.

·         Peace of Mind: DAD's Home Inspections, LLC can help you achieve that.

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