Dad’s Home Inspections, LLC

The Place to Call for Your Portland, Oregon Home Inspection!

It’s very important that you find a qualified home inspector to conduct your home inspection. DAD’s Home Inspections, LLC is the Home Inspection Company you are looking for, dedicated to find and point out the problem areas so you are not purchasing a home full of problems.

The last thing you do not want to do is to pay for your dream house only to discover it has problems that should have been discovered during the Home Inspection. Dave of DAD’s Home Inspections LLC  is one of the most trusted and highly qualified inspectors in Portland and surrounding areas of Oregon.

About Dad’s Home Inspections

My name is David A. DeKlyen and I am an Independent Oregon Home Inspector. I focus on residential home inspections in Portland, Oregon and surrounding communities such as Happy Valley, Clackamas, Gresham, Beaverton and Aloha. I received my professional training by Inspectors Training Association (ITA) and am a member of the Northwest Oregon Certified Home Inspectors (NWOCHI), a local chapter of the National American Institute of Inspectors.

It’s also important that you realize that I have more than a couple of paper credentials behind my name. I have over 20 years of experience in construction and building maintenance and over 7 years of inspection experience.

When you choose Dad’s Home Inspections, I personally guarantee that you will receive a complete, thorough and unbiased visual home inspection. Portland, Oregon home inspectors should all promise this, but sadly, not all do. Additionally, you will receive a well-organized and easy-to-read inspection report with all the important information you need to know regarding your potential future home. I strive to ensure that you are purchasing your dream house!

Contacting Me

It is vital that you contact a qualified home inspector, when you’re in need of a home inspection. Portland and the surrounding area has several good inspectors, but I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed with your decision to contact Dad’s Home Inspections for your Oregon home inspection. I will do the job right. You can contact me the following ways:

By Phone: (503) 475-8611